How to make a barcode

How to Make your own Barcode & print on label

Print barcodes makedMany people wonder how is possible to create own barcode in an immediate way. There are many ways to make a barcode from scratch, on this page we will explain the two main techniques.

A. Make barcode with barcode generator software

The best way to create your own customized bar code is to use a free barcode creator software Labeljoy.
Use a barcode software brings many advantages, try to download one and you’ll discover how to create barcodes in an easy, simple and free way.

Step by step: How to make the barcode

1. Open the barcode creator software

And do double click on the default barcode symbol.
Double click on barcode to make barcode

2. Select the type of barcode you want to create

You can select between these types:
Barcode setting - Types of symbology

3. Write an alphanumeric code to be generated.

In case you are not sure of the inserted code, you can see a short explanatory barcode guide.
insert code to make barcode

4. Click on OK and the software automatically generates the barcode.

The check digit is calculated and added automatically.
Marcode maked with barcode generator software

5. Export the code in the available formats.

Exporting barcode

If you want to link the barcode to an external database such as excel, we invite you to watch the tutorial:

How to connect barcode labels to Excel

B. Make barcode online

The first method is to use an online bar code generator such as: