Ean 13 barcode generator

If you’re looking for a good EAN 13 barcode generator software, there’s plenty of choice — but it’s important to choose the most reliable ones and avoid bad programs.
In general, a proper barcode generator should allow you to create custom barcodes in seconds choosing among different symbologies, and export them to be printed or included in your official documents.

European Article Number- EAN

Concerning this symbology in detail, an EAN-13 barcode is a retail barcode once used only in Europe — hence the EAN acronym, European Article Number — but spread today in other places as well (expect the US). EAN-13 encodes 12 digits of data + 1 checksum digit, but it may also have some additional digits.

Example of EAN 13 barcode

EAN 13 barcode example

Now it’s time for the detailed advices. We think that the best barcode generators for an EAN-13 symbology are Barcode Robot and LabelJoy. Both are very easy to use and allow to create impeccable barcodes, also providing the right standard magnification factor and the standard bar-width reduction to compensate possible ink-spread.

All you need is to enter the first 12 digits; the software will verify if the encoding is fine, and then generate automatically the 13th checksum digit.