Barcode check digit

Check Digit of barcodeThe encoding standard UCC/EAN Code requires that each barcode generate terms that contain a number between zero and nine called a check digit. The check digit is calculated as a function of the other digits, and is intended to ensure that the barcode is interpreted correctly by the optical reader.

The barcode Check Digit is very important, since it allows you to check the accuracy of the code with the readout instrument or by a software control. When a barcode is printed generally the Check Digit is automatically calculated by the barcode generator software, so there is no need to calculate it.

Generate barcode check Digit

There are two basic methods available to generate the Check Digit automatically:

Method 1: Calculate the check digit online

You can use online services that allow you to calculate one barcode check digit at a time. The most widely used is Gs1 Digit Calculator. It allows you to calculate the check digit of the barcode GTIN-8, GTIN-12, GTIN-13, GTIN-14, GLN and SSCC.

Method 2: Download a Barcode generator software

The software can be used to work out the barcode check digit for your different types of barcodes.

  1. Select the symbology from the menu and then type the digits of the code.
  2. types of barcode

  3. Enter only the number of digits required, the check digit is automatically calculated.
  4. Insert 12 digits of ean13 barcode

  5. Clic Ok “preview” to show the code with his checkdigit or click Ok to display directly the barcode on the label.
  6. barcode Check digit automatically calculated

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