How to use barcode scanner

If you are working in the field of retail and freight forwarding is important to know how to use barcode scanner correctly.

Steps to properly use the bar code scanner

1. Find Barcode

First of all you must of course find the barcode: it can be in different places depending on the type of item. In most cases, the barcode to be scanned is located in the lower left corner.

2. Red laser beam

Aim the red laser beam on the barcode, the correct distance to keep between the barcode and the barcode scanner is 3-5 cm (1.18 – 1,97 inch).
Distance from scanner to barcode

3. Position

The red laser beam must cross the entirely barcode and it’s better if the light is perpendicular to the bars of the barcode. The direction of reading doesn’t matter, if from right to left or vice versa, because the barcodes have a system to indicate the correct direction of the reading device.
Correct position of laser scanner

4. Reading

Enable the device with the button. Most barcode readers are automatically then read the code immediately.

5. Monitor

Inspect the monitor of your PC if the scan took place regularly. The greater part of the barcode scanner beeps to indicate the correct reading of the code.
Monitor and barcode scanner

If the code is not to be read:

  • Check that the bars of the barcode are not damaged
  • Put the barcode on a flat surface and retry the scan
  • Closer or farther away the scanner from the bar code

As you can see, using a barcode scanner is very simple and requires no special skills. It’s always advisable to use a professional barcode software to better manage your own codes.