Barcode size

Barcode size and formats

Common questions about barcodes are about the right barcode size or the various barcode formats. In fact, it’s important to respect the standard barcode size requirements when it comes to design and print them, in order to avoid scanning/reading issues.

Barcode sizeFirst of all: there’s an international recommended size for any barcodes — a comprehensive collection can be found here — that has been set to ensure their readability. But of course products vary in size a lot, and it can be necessary to reduce or enlarge both the height and the weight of a barcode’s.

So the main rule is that barcodes can be modified between 80% and 200% of their standard size maximum to guarantee their reliability. More in detail, they can be reduced in height by 50% maximum and in height by 20% maximum.
However, it’s advisable to use always a magnification (the barcode size) a bit higher than the minimum.

Concerning the various barcode formats, on the contrary, you can read our article about barcode types. More in general, a professional barcode design software is a huge help to pick the best barcode format for your needs and print it with the right dimension. Also take some time to verify it and ask for any information with your local GS1 (the international organisation that maintains standards for supply chains and thus barcodes).