Barcode label software

To print high quality and accurate barcodes you need to have a great barcode label software with professional features, but also simple and easy to use.
The barcode software has to allow to create and print barcode labels of any size and print labels with any type of printer.

Barcode Software for label printing and design

Barcode Creator Software proposes some label software suitable for small and medium businesses that are able to create and print barcode labels from external databases in an intuitive way.
In particular, a professional barcode label software can:

  • Create custom layout of the label
  • Generate many types of barcode
  • Import code of barcode from external databases
  • Automatically calculate the check digit
  • Print labels with any kind of printer

Labeljoy Barcode Label Software


Labeljoy barcode label software is a top-quality barcode creator. Its user-friendly interface, tools and features let you easily generate barcodes, print custom labels and import data from external sources.

LabelRight Barcode Label Software


This barcode generator offers features and tools to design and produce any format or size of barcode label. It has templates and a prompt tool that lets you to create labels and templates.

Barcode Label Maker Software

Barcode Label Maker

This barcode label software gives you the package to create barcodes and labels within the user interface. It offers templates to create barcode labels of any size and lets you import data from databases.

Advantages of a professional barcode label software

Automates the creation of labels

  • Import data from database
  • Use incremental counters
  • Automatic check digit

Simplify the print job

  • Elimination of errors when printing labels
  • Increase productivity
  • Minimizing staff training

Standardize labeling throughout the company

  • Enter the company logo
  • Save predefined layouts
  • Improve process efficiency and data accuracy

Top 10 Barcode label software