Product barcode database

We often wonder if there is a database of barcode that contains all the products on the market. This unfortunately is very complicated due to the existence of several different types of barcode.
But thanks to the internet you can use different barcode database online.

Does there exist a global database of all products?

Barcode databaseFor GS1, the most accredited product barcode database is GEPIR, the search system that links together the GS1 archives of different countries.
This service allows you to freely access to the GS1 global database of millions of businesses that use the GS1 coding system for their products.

It’s possible to search the products on the database according to the GS1 code or company name.

Through the GS1 code shown on the product it’s possible to be traced back to the company that owns the trademark and its references; or, starting from the name of the company and the country of origin, GEPIR displays the identification number of the company within the GS1 System.

For EAN 13, although an international system, it is advisable to check different websites because, from personal experience, there is no comprehensive database of all of the barcode EAN 13.
The databases that we recommend are Ean-Serch ( and Product open data ( that collect a very large database of barcode ean 13, also Datakick ( aims to build the largest free product barcode database in the world.