2D barcode creator

2d Qr codeNowadays the two-dimensional barcodes are becoming more and more important, which is why you need to use a simple and effective 2d barcode creator whether it’s for business or play.

How to create a 2d barcode

The most commonly used 2d barcodes are the QR-Code and the Datamatrix, but on some occasions it is necessary to create the Postnet and Planet code.

The main ways to generate 2D barcodes are:

  • Use a online 2d barcode creator
  • Use a software that generates 2d barcode

Free Online 2d barcode creator

2d barcode from website
It’s possible to use the following online barcode maker. They are completery free!


  • Fast
  • Easy

Use a 2d barcode creator software

Barcode creator softwareBarcode generator software can generate and print most popular 2D barcode symbologies including Qr Code, Data Matrix, Postent, Planet code.

This is the ideal solution for the creation of large quantities of 2d barcode and for business activities.
In our experience, the best softwares that generate 2d barcodes are:

  • Bartender
    • Data Matrix
    • PDF417
    • Postal
    • Planet
    • Aztec Code

  • Labeljoy
    • QR Code
    • Data Matrix
    • Postnet
    • Planet Code
  • LabelFlow
    • Qr Code
    • Datamatrix
    • PDF417
    • Postnet